Trails & sights


Of the 12 signposted paths that have been used for centuries to connect the ancient town-states, most are in use. The paths are magnificent as the hikers pass through ravines and ancient oak forests that lead to small coves or beaches, walking by abandoned stone farmhouses, threshing floors, livestock, stone-built water fountains, country chapels and the odd xotaris, i.e. the remote farmer…


The first traces of habitation date back to the Late Neolithic Period (3200 BC), quite a long time ago. Since then many things have happened: participation in the Persian wars, Peloponnesian war, pirate invasions, Byzantines, Venetians, Ottomans and up to date modern Greeks again…

Most interesting suggestions include the Archaelogical Museum (22880 22079), Kastro (castle) and the ancient Lion of Kea (fantastic walk) at Ioulis. Also at Ioulis  the City Hall and school. Kastriani Monastery and Aghios Symeon are beautiful sites on the east side, whereas Karthaia’s ancient ruins can be explored by a donkey ride down/up by Nikos assisted hikes (0030 6976 469413, speaks Greek).  The lighthouse of Aghios Nikolaos (1831) was built upon the the ruins of Poseidon’s temple, was the first to be lit in the Cyclades and can be easily reached on foot from Vourkari.

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