Kea, Greece’s Hidden Gem

Kea, Greece’s Hidden Gem

By Marisa Churchill, Pastry Chef, TV Host, and Author, ‘Sweet & Skinny’

A mere breath away from Athens lies the small Cycladic island of Kea. It’s often overlooked by its more prominent siblings, Mykonos and Santorini. Kea does not reveal its secrets easily. It’s more an island for Greeks to visit, rather than an island that tourists seek out. But it’s one of my favorite islands. If you take the time to get to know her, you will discover that this quiet island holds many hidden treasures worth exploring.

In Kea’s crystal blue waters lies the wreck of the Britannic, sister ship to the Titanic. It’s a favorite destination for diving enthusiasts. Kea is also home to a variety of hiking trails, Oak tree forests, and secluded beaches.

Below is a list of my favorite places to visit on the island.

Koundouros Beach
Located on the northwest part of the island, with a calm atmosphere and picturesque windmills, the emerald waters of Koundouros Beach beckon you after a long hike.

On a narrow road lined with shops, next to the yachts and small fishing boats on Vourkari’s dock, is Aristos. The restaurant specializes in seafood and classic Greek dishes. You can enjoy a slice of spinach pie known as spanakopita, a simple Greek salad, octopus marinated in ouzo, pasta with lobster, or freshly caught whole fish. If the weather isn’t too hot, they are famous for their “psarosoupa,” meaning fish soup. Enjoy a leisurely meal, sip some ouzo, and then wander to the nearby shops to do some late afternoon shopping.

Without a doubt this is the best place to eat on the island. Located next to the port in Korissia, Odale is set in a contemporary and playful building with a door (minus the surrounding wall) marking the entrance to the restaurant and pastry shop. Odale is the perfect spot to enjoy a meal before leaving or after arriving at the port. It’s also the perfect spot to grab an afternoon cup of coffee and something sweet from the pastry shop. The pastries are creative, elegant, and some of the best I have had in Greece. Be sure to try their contemporary version of the classic Greek dessert galaktoboureko, as well as the profiterole filled with rich chocolate custard and fluffy cream.

Red Tractor Farm
Walking distance from Porto Kea Suites is Red Tractor Farm, which is owned and run by Kostis Maroulis and his wife Marcie Mayer. The farm is not widely advertised. There are no signs pointing down the small dirt road that leads to the farm, but it’s definitely worth finding! Kostis has an interest in botany and bee keeping and Marcie ran a successful restaurant in Athens for years. Together they make some amazing and unique products on the farm: spicy tomato & watermelon ketchup, tamarind & honey spice glaze, green tomato & orange marmalade. Marcie also runs the islands acorn initiative, educating the public about acorns and restoring the islands once abundant acorn economy. Visitors can walk around the farm, purchase products, and even rent a room at the farm house if they decide to spend the night!
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